Our company provides security services to various institutions, among them:
* Israeli Land Checkpoints Authority
* Magen - The Prime Minister`s Office Security Unit.
* Prime Minister`s office
* Israeli Airport Authority - Ben Gurion International Airport.
* EL AL - Israel National Airline Company
* Israair - Israeli airlines company
* Mekorot - Israel National Water Company
* Israeli Govenment Ministries:
  The Ministry of Defence
  The Ministry of Communications
  The Ministry of Education
  The Ministry of Environmental Protection
  The Ministry of Finance
  The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
  The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor
  The Ministry of National Infrastructures
  The Ministry for development of the Negev and the Galilee
  The Ministry of Transportation
  The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services
* Taas - Israel Military Industries LTD
* The Hebrew Univerity of Jerusalem
* Foreign Embassies
* BioSense Technologies
* Elbit systems- Elop LTD
* Delkol
* Paz Oil Company
* Hebron Wineries
* Ashdod Port Company LTD
* Mikud group
*Taavura Holdings LTD
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