About Us
Our K-9 Division is built by military trainers, officers with years of professional and operational experience.
We provide a full package that includes the following elements:  
  • Operational dogs with or without handlers.
  • Professional consultation & establishment of K-9 Units.
  • Development and deployment of K-9 teams for different security purposes.
  • General equipment for the handler and special equipment for the K-9.

Our company specializes in supplying & training dogs for the following missions: 
  • Counter terror & Attack
  • Explosive charges detection
  • Explosives and firearm detection
  • Drug detection
  • Search and rescue
  • Track and pursuit
All of our dogs must pass strict and tough qualifications and suitability tests.
Those which have qualified start our long & intensive training programme emphasizing the specific task-oriented training.
Only the best and most qualified dogs which pass all the training and meet all the requirements will become official Tactical K-9.
Our highly experienced trainers make sure that our dogs are provided with the specific abilities & skills to best perform their task. Each dog is trained for a specific task according to client`s demand.
                                               Quality standards 
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