Mud Shampoo

General Information

K-9-Solutions Mud Shampoo based on DEAD SEA minerals is a newly developed advanced formula, based on natural, effective ingredients. Pure aromatic oils and herbal extracts mixed with Dead Sea minerals combine their healing powers to ensure the shiny, healthy regrowth of your dog`s coat.
K-9-Solutions Mud Shampoo will maintain a healthy and clean coat, while keeping your dog free from harmful parasites. This innovative shampoo with mud extracts is toxin-free and will prevent fleas from jumping onto your dog while walking outdoors.
Not only will your dog`s coat be nourished and silky, but it will also have a special aromatic scent!

Only the DEAD SEA, located on the lowest point on earth, can provide you with rich, natural mud. Found on the banks of the Dead Sea, this Dead Sea mud contains an extremely high concentration of minerals, scientifically proven as essential for maintaining healthy skin & fur.

For use as flea prevention, wash once a week early on during flea season.
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